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Ever needed a programmer to develop your application and yet can never find someone that works hard, honestly and provides daily updates of their progress?

WA Scheduling gives you control over your programming team. Once you have setup their account you control the time spent on each project. You get daily uploaded reports, time tracking and much more.

Key Features of WA Scheduling

Time Tracking

Easily track the time spent on each project by the day, week or month while tracking the total time your team members spend working on all projects.

Weekly Limits

Easily set time limits for each team member with WA Scheduling's weekly limit feature. Set the maximum number of hours you want a team member to be able to work in a week and our system will automatically prevent them from exceeding the limit. Change weekly limits at any time.

Project Budgets

Tired of projects running over budget? WA Scheduling project budgets allow you to set time or cost limits to projects. You can also set notifications at different thresholds to ensure you're always aware when budgets are nearing their limits.

GPS and Location Monitoring

WA Scheduling GPS monitoring and time tracking apps for Android and Desktop allows you to track time and location to make sure your team is in one spot. The app's automatic time tracking will eliminate manual time sheets and make job costing easy.

URL and Application Monitoring

WA Scheduling gives you unparalleled insight into what your team is doing with screenshots and activity levels. Now you can also see which applications your team members are using and what URLs they are browsing to while tracking time.

Attendance Scheduling

WA Scheduling makes shift management simple by giving you the ability to add your team's one-time or recurring shifts to the work calendar with ease.
With our email alerts, you can easily keep track of your team's schedule adherence and be informed of any changes to your own schedule including late start and early leaves.

Smart, Simple Invoicing

Manually keeping track of time worked is hard enough - you shouldn't have to manually invoice your clients too. By using WA Scheduling for time tracking, you can automatically generate invoice line items and send them directly to your clients. You can also add arbitrary line items, taxes, and even discounts.
WA Scheduling invoicing also allows you to record payments so you won't need to worry about losing track of outstanding balances. When an invoice is fully paid it's automatically closed so you can focus on the ones that are still open. You can then download your invoices in excel format.

Automatic Chatrooms

Chatroom with every team member that is working on a project is automatically opened for the team members to be able to communicate. New member added to the project, member is automatically added to the project chatroom. All records of chat are kept for 30 days

Email and Alarm Notifications

Should your team be late signing in or leave early, there is an email sent to the project manager and team lead. Warning message is also displayed in the members panel notifying them of the lateness or early leaving. No more employees claiming they worked late or they started early.

Be in Control, Keep in Contact.

Use our Desktop App to track progress, monitor hours, communicate, share, and do much more. Always know what's going on with your project, what is getting done, and what still needs doing. Control the completion of projects, and payments. Only release your payment when benchmarks are met, or when a project is completed to your satisfaction.

Your Team Dashboard

See a quick overview of your team's activity

The dashboard allows you to get an idea of your team's recent work and productivity for that week at a single glance. You can even see when your users last worked, and who's online now. Don't want to login every day to make sure your team is working? With WA Scheduling you will get email notifications of your team members activities such as late or no shows, they did not upload their daily update, they left early and more.

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